In an Emergency call 9-1-1
RCMP Complaint Line (24 hours) 403-938-4202
RCMP Administration Line (regular officer hours) 403-995-6400

The Okotoks municipal detachment provides 24-hour policing and consists of a Staff Sergeant, Sergeant, four Corporals, 19 Constables and 10 support staff. The detachment includes three watches and a General Investigation/Crime Reduction Section Unit to provide policing services.

The Okotoks municipal detachment supports, and is involved in, community-based programs to enhance community safety, including: victims services, Citizens On Patrol (COP) and with partnering agencies as part of an integrated, collaborative team.

The Okotoks municipal detachment generated 5,564 files between January and December 2020, reporting a decrease of 10.4 percent between 2020 and 2019. There was an overall decrease in total Criminal Code Offences including break and enters and theft of motor vehicles. With the continued decrease in crime rates in Okotoks over the past few years, priorities continue to be enhanced visibility, crime reduction, enhancing public confidence, and engagement. This decreased crime rate has allowed for nimble flexibility in the RCMP’s deployment to adapt to emerging trends and can be connected to building relationships with youth; attending community events; performing traffic safety initiatives; prolific offender monitoring; community policing initiatives; and focused community patrols.

Public Complaints

Information on how a member of the public may make a complaint against a RCMP officer, a civilian member or a special constable is available on the RCMP website:

RCMP website

Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Checks

2021 Public Participation