Traffic Safety & Enforcement

Slow down on roadways!

When warmer weather arrives, drivers will find they are sharing the road with more pedestrians and bicycles, which are vulnerable road users. A greater level of vigilance and care is required by drivers to reduce injury or death that may occur during a collision. 

  • Motorists should be careful when approaching intersections. Watch for cars slowing in the lane next to yours because other drivers may be yielding to a pedestrian.
  • Both pedestrians and motorists are responsible to abide by all signs, signals, and traffic laws.
  • Pedestrians should cross the road at designated crosswalks, make eye contact with motorists before crossing the street and be aware of any challenging road conditions that motorists may be experiencing.

crashed bike and rider's helmet laying on road in front of car


As the Town of Okotoks continues to grow, traffic safety remains a high priority for both motorists and pedestrians traveling along streets throughout the community. It doesn’t matter if you walk, ride a bicycle, or drive, traffic safety affects you and your family every day. You are encouraged to use the following tips to ensure your safety as well as that of others.

Community Safety