Video explains how drinking water is safe amidst COVID-19

When you turn on your tap, you will have access to safe and reliable drinking water! This is the message in a Town video explaining how water services has adjusted procedures to be compliant with Alberta Health Services’ standards.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted in water, as long as it’s properly chlorinated. The Town’s water system is filtered and chlorinated, and the Town will continue to adhere to recommended disinfection practices that inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.

In the following video Chris Radford, Director of Infrastructure and Operations, explains how Water Service’s highly qualified and committed staff are working hard to ensure water services remain unaffected during these unprecedented times. Hygiene has always been at the forefront of all operations, but even more so now. Water Services has revised safe work procedures to ensure all staff are protected.

Aside from new protocols, Water Services is operating as normal. There are many contractors queued up to support the operation, if required. The Town’s Water Services is fully capable of managing operations during this pandemic.

The video also reminds residents that they must be conscious of what they flush down their toilets. Municipal sewer systems were built to handle human waste and toilet paper that was specifically designed to deteriorate quickly. Anything else can cause problems that lead to clogs, blockages, and damage to wastewater equipment. Wipes, including flushable wipes, and paper towels will form clogs that can block toilets, sewer lines and can even cause an overflow in raw sewerage potentially into the Sheep River.

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