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The Town expands the 2020 Water Conservation Rebate Program

The Town expands the 2020 Water Conservation Rebate Program

The Water Conservation 2020 Rebate Program started on May 1, and this year the Town of Okotoks has made some significant additions, including a number of rebates for businesses and institutions, and increasing the number of rebates for residential xeriscape projects.

“Businesses and institutions can receive a rebate for WaterSence irrigation controllers and rain sensors with a limit of $600 per property, and they can participate in the xeriscape project rebate program with a limit of $5,000 per property,” said Jinny Toffelmire, environment and sustainability specialist.

This year, residents can receive a 50 percent rebate to a maximum of $200 on a selection of 65 drought-tolerant perennials, shrubs and trees, and receive up to $3,000 towards the cost of xeriscape landscaping projects.

This year’s residential xeriscape rebate program has been expanded to accommodate 15 to 20 projects. The amount of individual rebates will depend on the project scope and on the amount of water conservation rebate funds that remain.

The community’s water-use peaks during the summer months putting increasing pressure on the Sheep River to provide water for outdoor activities, and on the water treatment plant for keeping up with demand. The Town wants to support residents whose efforts towards reducing water consumption are providing a much needed service to the community.

As well as helping residents and businesses save money and time, most of the eligible rebate items also support long-term water conservation.

Other approved water rebate items include rainwater harvesting systems, rain sensors, WaterSense® irrigation controllers, mulch, drought-tolerant turf and rain barrels. Application forms are available online and accepted by the Town on a first come, first served basis until the funds are depleted.

A list of eligible plants, rebate amounts and full program details can be found online at

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