Temporary patios will increase capacity for businesses

Temporary patios will increase capacity for businesses

June 4, 2020 - The Town of Okotoks is providing increased flexibility for businesses who have been impacted by COVID-19 by allowing for temporary patios and retail spaces in existing parking spaces and/or on public sidewalks.

“The Town appreciates the challenges that businesses are facing with the requirements for social distancing,” said Colton Nickel development planner with the Town. “This is one way that they can expand their space temporarily so they can serve more customers while still following Alberta Health Services directives.”

The Town has developed a streamlined, free, process where businesses only have to ensure their proposed outdoor extension complies with the newly developed Temporary Outdoor Patio & Retail Space Guidelines and then submit an executed Declaration Form to the Town.

There is no permit or formal approval required. Once the Declaration form has been submitted, businesses can proceed to create their patios in line with all of the requirements in the guidelines. The business owner will need to provide a plan or drawing of the intended space to the Town prior to creating it.

Proof of insurance and approval from the Town will also be needed if sidewalks, public parks, municipally owned parcels, or reserve parcels are being used for the additional space.

 “The Town has made this process as simple and quick as possible,” said Nickel. “We want to ensure our local businesses can be using this extra space as soon as possible.”

Temporary patios and retail spaces will be allowed to operate until November 4, 2020.

Call 403.995.2760 for more information.


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