Temporary fencing pilot project extended

deer private property

Okotoks Town Council approved extending the fencing pilot project to April 12, 2023 at yesterday’s regular Council meeting. The project allows fencing to be temporarily extended to a height of 2.3 m (7.5ft) as a deterrent to deer to help protect Okotoks’ gardens this season. 

The pilot project, which launched in April 2021, permits homeowners to exceed Land Use Bylaw limits for fence heights by adding deer deterrent features to the top of existing fencing in either the front, side or back yard.  Residents may also install deer deterrent fencing within their property surrounding garden plots or mesh coverings of gardens separate from fences on their property for the duration of the pilot project.

Guidelines established for the pilot ensure that fencing is safe for people and deer, meets specific aesthetics, does not encroach onto public property, and is removable once the pilot is complete.

Next year, project recommendations for Council will be based on two years of data and an upcoming public participation process to gain more feedback on the impacts of the project.

Information about the pilot project, including fencing requirements and approved fencing materials, is available at