Province amends children/youth school and team sport guidelines

Recreation Centre

The provincial government guidelines were amended over the weekend to allow children and youth to participate in limited school and team sports activities. The Town is working with schools and registered sports organizations to facilitate reinstating their child and youth activities.

Lessons, practices and conditioning activities are allowed for indoor and outdoor, team-based, minor sports/activities and school athletics.

The following restrictions are in place:

  • Games are not allowed.
  • Maximum of 10 individuals, including all coaches, trainers, and participants.
  • Physical distancing must be maintained between participants at all times:
    • 3-metre physical distance for indoor activities
    • 2-metre physical distance for outdoor activities
    • coaches or trainers may enter physical distancing space for brief interactions with participants (for example, to correct form or technique)
  • Participants must be masked at all times, except during the training activity. Coaches and trainers must remain masked at all times.
  • Access to change rooms must be limited, including accelerated arrival and departure, emergencies (for example, first aid) and washroom use.

The Town will continue to update residents on any additional impacts that provincial regulations have on facilities. All provincial restriction information is available at: