Okotoks Town Council respond to community concerns about graphic flyers

no flyer signage

At yesterday’s regular Council meeting, Mayor and Council approved a new Community Standards Bylaw. The bylaw now protects residents from receiving unwanted flyers and being exposed to flyers that contain graphic images.  

“Council heard from many people in our community who have felt uncomfortable with flyers being delivered to their homes that contain graphic imagery,” says Okotoks Mayor Tanya Thorn. “This bylaw provides a layer of protection against individuals and families being inadvertently exposed to graphic material. It is a great step in keeping Okotoks the friendly, charming, and unique community that we all know.”

What this means for residents:

  • Residents who do not want any flyers delivered to their home, simply need to place a sign at the entrance of their home that clearly states ‘No Flyers’
  • If a home does not display a sign stating ‘No Flyers’, flyers may still be delivered.
  • Any flyers being delivered that contain a graphic image, must be concealed in an opaque envelope, with a graphic content warning.
  • If an Okotoks resident is displaying a ‘No Flyers’ sign and receives any flyer, they are encouraged to contact Municipal Enforcement.
  • If an Okotoks resident receives a flyer that contains a graphic image that is not enclosed in an envelope with a warming label, they are encouraged to contact Municipal Enforcement. 

What this means for flyer distributers:

  • Flyers may NOT be delivered to any home in Okotoks that displays a ‘No Flyers’ sign. 
  • If a home is not displaying a ‘No Flyers’ sign, then flyers may be delivered.
  • Any flyers that contain graphic images must be concealed in an opaque envelope, with a graphic content warning, and include the name and address of the sender, when delivered to homes.


The Community Standards Bylaw does not apply to the following:

  • any election advertising material which is permitted to be transmitted or delivered pursuant to any applicable federal, provincial, or municipal legislation;
  • newspapers delivered to paid subscribers;
  • community association newsletters or newspapers;
  • information circulars produced by a federal, provincial, or municipal government or an agency of such government;
  • information circulars produced by a member of Okotoks Town Council, a member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, or a member of the Federal Parliament.

“By respecting the wishes of a resident through clear visible signage and requiring any flyer containing graphic images to be in a marked envelope strikes a balance between expressing opinions and protecting our community,” says Manager of Okotoks Municipal Enforcement, Vikram Kulkarni.

For further information on Okotoks’ new Community Standards Bylaw, please visit  

Last Updated: August 22, 2023