Okotoks’ first-ever Corporate Business Plan approved

Municipal Centre

Okotoks Town Council recently approved the Town of Okotoks 2023-2026 Corporate Business Plan. This plan, created to move Council’s vision forward, is the first of its kind for the Town. It establishes an accountability agreement between the Town and the public and sets a clear direction for the initiatives that Council feels are the most important to focus on during their term.

The plan outlines what is required to advance the four strategic priorities established by Council in their 2022-2025 Strategic Plan: Responsibly Managed Growth; Strong Local Economy; Enhanced Culture & Community Health and Demonstrated Environmental Leadership. The areas of focus include improving housing options, enhancing conversations with the community, increasing sport and recreation opportunities, diversifying the tax base, enhancing our local economy, and making it easier to do business with the Town.

This plan will be updated every year and has measures built in that will help the Town report progress and achievements back to the community twice per year. It is also an opportunity for the community to see what the Town is working on. As these initiatives move forward, the Town is committed to having conversations and connecting with the community.

Initiatives in this plan include things like infrastructure work; creating exciting new programs; reviewing and improving existing services; and, conducting research and pilot programs. These, in turn, help the Town in supporting the required work identified in the Municipal Development Plan, and the organization's additional master plans and frameworks.

“I am excited to see Administration getting started on elements of this plan and focusing on changes that are most important to the community. Some of these are directly linked to your feedback, gathered from the 2022 Citizen Satisfaction Survey and other public participation opportunities,” said Okotoks Mayor Tanya Thorn.

Many of these planned projects will also give members of the community a chance to provide their input. Other project work focuses on continuing to make our community a desirable place to live. What these initiatives all work toward is building on our strong foundation and keeping us on course to achieve our vision of a vibrant, resilient, and connected community that fosters the well-being of land and people, a community to call home.

The community is encouraged to take some time to review the Corporate Business Plan and Council's Strategic Plan. Consider and how this plan relates to you, and your family or business. You can find the plans at