Graffiti vandalism ongoing issue in Okotoks

Graffiti on brick wall

See it. Report it.

The Town has seen an unfortunate escalation of graffiti vandalism at the skateboard park by the Okotoks Recreation Centre among other areas, and is asking residents to report acts of graffiti if spotted.

“So far in June, Parks staff are cleaning more than 200 tags a week found on garbage receptacles, bridges, pathways and surfaces, picnic shelters, benches and toilet buildings,” says Christa Michailuck, Parks Manager. “Although all areas in Town are often targeted, the location of concern right now is the Okotoks Skateboard Park.”

Graffiti vandalism is the most visible and prominent crime in a neighbourhood, making it appear unsafe. Any figures, stickers, letters, or drawings that are applied, scribbled, scratched, etched, sprayed or attached to the surface of any premises, structure or other property is considered graffiti vandalism and is a violation of the Community Standards Bylaw 19.10. If convicted, offenders could be sentenced to a fine of up to $2,500 per incident for adults and $1,000 for youth. Offences including multiple tags could result in multiple charges. Offenders do not need to be caught in the act of vandalism to be charged.

All citizens are encouraged to call Okotoks Municipal Enforcement at 403.938.8913 to report graffiti spotted on public and private property. If suspicious activity or graffiti vandalism is in progress, please call 911 and do not engage with the offenders.

When private property is victimized by graffiti vandalism, cleaning up the graffiti as soon as possible is the best way to prevent reoccurrence in the area. The incident should be recorded for both evidence and insurance purposes by taking photos of the vandalized area and noting the date and time of occurrence.

To learn more about reporting and removing graffiti, visit