Escalation of graffiti vandalism incidents evident throughout town

banner saying vandalism is a crime

The Town has seen an unfortunate escalation of graffiti vandalism incidents in Okotoks parks and around the community and is requesting assistance from our citizens in reporting inappropriate activities in parks.

Parks is currently finding and cleaning over a 100 tags a couple of times a week found on garbage receptacles, bridges, picnic shelters, benches, toilet buildings, etc. This takes staff several hours to clean with harsh chemicals and can often require repainting. Although all areas in Town are often targeted, Cimarron Park and storm pond are currently the highest targeted areas. 

Graffiti vandalism is a violation of the Community Standards Bylaw 19.10 and has serious consequences. If convicted, offenders could be sentenced to a fine of up to $2,500 per incident for adults and $1,000 for youth. Each case is weighed on the particulars of the incident and the volume of incidents the offender is responsible for. Offences including multiple tags could result in multiple charges. Offenders do not need to be caught in the act of vandalism to be charged.

Graffiti vandalism is the most visible and prominent crime in a neighbourhood, making it appear unsafe. Any figures, stickers, letters, or drawings that are applied, scribbled, scratched, etched, sprayed or attached to the surface of any premises, structure or other property is considered graffiti vandalism.

All citizens are encouraged to call Okotoks Municipal Enforcement at 403.938.8913 to report graffiti on public and private property whenever it is spotted. If suspicious activity or graffiti vandalism is in progress, please call 911 and do not engage with the offenders.   

If private property is victimized by graffiti vandalism, cleaning up graffiti as soon as possible helps to prevent any reoccurrence or additional graffiti being applied. The incident should be recorded for evidence and for insurance purposes by taking photos of the vandalized area and noting the date and time of occurrence, as this information will be required when reported.

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