Dog licensing fee increase for 2022

Dog at large running in park

Don’t Harbor a Fugitive

Dog license invoices were mailed out in December 2021 and payment is due by the end of January. Funds from licenses support initiatives that contribute to a safe and healthy community for our pets. Renew your dog license using one of the following payment methods listed online at

Don’t forget to keep your owner information up-to-date so your fur-baby can get back home if they ever escape from your property!  For questions regarding dog licensing please call Municipal Enforcement at 403-995-6302.  

Dog license fee increase for 2022

After evaluating dog license fees in other municipalities, the altered dog fee in Okotoks was one of the lowest, so an adjustment was made to align the fee closer to the average cost of $39. The cost of a license is $35, with the $10 increase helping to offset higher costs for services related to animals. Dog license fees are used for much more than registering dogs with the Town:

  • Cost of purchasing dog tags, which provide a means for Peace Officers to identify lost dogs and allow for the safe return to their owners.
  • Offset costs for short-term housing of a lost dog when it cannot immediately be reunited with its owner.
  • Fees supplement the cost of dog bag dispensers placed throughout the park and pathway system for use by dog owners
  • Equipment and supplies needed for animal response and rescue during an emergency event.
  • Decrease in supply and subsequent increase in demand for goods and services due to COVID-19.

These are only a few examples of how the fees will be used to offset animal services by the Town. The fine of $250 for failing to license or renew a dog license remains the same.

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