Cracksealing operations underway around Town

Crack sealing

Crack-sealing is one form of preventative pavement maintenance that ensures the consistent operation of the Town’s roadways.  Pavement cracks develop due to expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuation. These cracks allow water to penetrate the pavement base and sub-base materials, causing pavement elements to lose structural integrity. If not repaired or prevented, this cracking effect will grow, leading to deformation of the pavement, pot holes, and ultimately the degradation of asphalt and concrete surfaces. 

Watch for crack-sealing activities around Town this week.  Prior to our cold pour tar compound being applied to any roads, signs are installed advising motorists of wet tar on the roadway.  Motorists are strongly encouraged to drive slowly along these routes to avoid getting tar on their vehicles.  Property owners may wish to initially avoid driving onto their driveways in areas where tar has been applied to avoid tracking.  The cold pour tar takes approximately 30 minutes to harden once it has been applied to the road surface.    

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