North Point Area Structure Plan

The Town of Okotoks is developing an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the northeast area of the Town of Okotoks, to establish policy for Okotoks’ northeast employment lands, to accommodate a range of light to medium industrial and commercial land uses intended to capitalize on proximity to Highway 2, and a future interchange at Highway 2 and 338 Avenue.

The following provides information about the North Point Area Structure Plan, the rationale, process and engagement opportunities for all interested parties to provide feedback on the proposed ASP. Please check back regularly for project updates.

The North Point ASP will establish:

  • Proposed land uses and densities within the plan area;
  • Expectations for existing and future development within the plan;
  • A strategy to establish and evolve a variety of industrial and commercial types of businesses within the Plan area that reflects future market demand and the availability of transportation and utility servicing infrastructure;
  • A strategy to establish a coordinated approach to urban design along 338th Avenue to provide an attractive gateway corridor for the Town;
  • Policies to guide the phasing of industrial and commercial development based on available water and sewer servicing capacity and transportation access; and,
  • Policies that seek to preserve and enhance lands with environmental and/or historical sensitivities. 


The Plan Area includes ± 267 hectares (± 660 acres) situated west of Highway 2, east of 48th Street and bisected by 338th Avenue. 

The Area Structure Plan will establish policy and guide future development to accommodate a range of light to medium industrial and commercial land uses intended to capitalize on the proximity to Highway 2. Initial stages of development within the ASP area are expected to accommodate larger sites for businesses that require minimal servicing, that will transition towards more diverse types of businesses once urban servicing becomes available within the area.

Context map

The red triangle represents the area being considered. A PDF version of the map is available below.

The recently approved Okotoks Municipal Development Plan identifies the northeast portion of the Town as one of several future growth areas for which Area Structure Plans will be prepared. The MDP has direction to prioritize employment generating land uses with the aim to achieve a more sustainable economy, with increased local employment opportunities. 

This ASP considers the long-term economic prosperity of the Town of Okotoks providing more local employment opportunities and shifting the tax base. Additionally, the ASP will capitalize on the future interchange at Highway 2 and 338 Avenue.

Process stages for development



  • Host a Public Engagement Session to introduce the Draft ASP project.
  • Develop a What We Heard report, outlining all feedback received through the Project Team’s engagement – shared with the Project Team, The Town and the Community.
  • Prepare a final ASP Future Land Use Concept based on feedback received during engagement.
  • Share the Draft ASP with all stakeholders, facilitate ongoing correspondence.
  • Submit the application to Town of Okotoks administration, address any comments and questions.
  • Present the proposal to Council at a Public Hearing.

The project team is committed to working with the community to keep residents informed about the project, respond to questions and collect comments. Due to the current public health situation, engagement will be facilitated online until further notice. 

This website will inform all stakeholders at every stage of the process and provide an opportunity for feedback and comments. Stay tuned for details about upcoming engagement opportunities.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the project, you can submit your information in the contact form or reach out directly to our project Communications and Engagement Specialist, Ottilie Coldbeck; 403.692.4547


Technical Considerations

The North Point ASP will be informed by a number of technical studies to ensure the long-term sustainability of potential development on these lands.