Okotoks Stronger Together

There are so many great local examples of Okotokians being neighbourly, supporting and caring for one another in our community. Let's continue to contribute to the power of community and volunteerism by performing big and small acts of kindness because Okotoks is stronger together.

Okotoks Stronger Together

Kindness Days

The third Friday of every month is Kindness Day, a chance to spread the kindness that makes Okotoks a great place. On Kindness Day, we will showcase Kindness Currency nominees and we have different options that make it easy to get involved in and sign up for any or all the Okotoks Stronger Together programs.

Celebrating Kindness Day October 15: Okotoks is dedicated!
This month’s Kindness Day in Okotoks is October 15 and we’re celebrating that Okotoks is dedicated!

Show your dedication to your community, friends and family! Sign up to Gift It Forward, or become a Community Champion to help connect your neighbourhood. If you sign up before the 15th, the Town will drop your free gift bags or fun-filled toolkit at your door on Kindness Day!

You can also recognize the dedication of others in Town by sharing your stories of the great way people are helping each other! Nominate someone for Kindness Currency, and they'll get a sticker for themselves and one to pass on. Plus, they could be featured in a future Kindness Currency video.  

Kindness Currency

Recognize the inspiring acts of kindness happening in our community with Kindness Currency! When you nominate someone and share the stories of the people making Okotoks stronger and more resilient, your nominee will get a Kindness Currency sticker for themselves and one to pass on. Kindness Currency recipients and their stories will be shared with the community and have the chance to be featured in a monthly video.

Kindness Currency recipients

Gift It Forward

As a way of saying thank you to those in our community who are helping others, surprise someone with a random act of kindness in the form of a free small gift! Sign up to receive a free gift bag and Gift It Forward to a deserving person, family or local business today.

Community Champion

Get to know your neighbours, stay connected and celebrate safely through the Community Champion Program. When you become a Community Champion, you'll receive a free toolkit filled with items to help you share your enthusiasm for your community, and access support, tools and ideas to strengthen your social connections within your neighbourhoods.