Okotoks Civility Charter

Civil Dialogue wheelThe Town of Okotoks believes in creating and sustaining a vibrant environment where everyone is treated with respect, civility, and dignity. Given the erosion of civil discourse that’s happening around the world and on social media, it may simply be a sign of our times that there is a growing movement towards angry and negative public dialogue. However, this does not make it acceptable. 

Okotoks is committed to working in collaboration with citizens and all users to ensure the safety, well being and enjoyment of facilities and services in order to promote a safe, respectful, violence-free and harassment-free work environment for Town elected officials, employees, and citizens.

The guiding principles are:

The Town of Okotoks strives to create and nurture an environment in which people are able to pursue the fulfilment of their values, in harmony with the community.

We value and encourage the free exchange of diverse ideas and points of view, and we discourage uncivil speech or expression that infringes upon the ability of others to express themselves. The Town encourages all citizens to consider how others view and relate to the community and to remember that we are all neighbours.

    What does civility create?

    • A shared sense of ownership for community and commitment to the well-being of the community and other community members.
    • A place where people are friendly; people look out for one another; people take pride in their town.
    • A healthy democracy: civility is not about appeasement or avoiding important differences; it means talking about those differences with respect.
    • Respect and courtesy for the opinions of others through courtesy in language and actions and refraining from insulting disrespectful comments/behaviour.


    Last Updated: August 22, 2023