Okotoks Civility Charter

Community of Character

The Town of Okotoks strives to create and nurture an environment in which people are able to pursue the fulfilment of their values, in harmony with the community. 

We value and encourage the free exchange of diverse ideas and points of view and we discourage uncivil speech or expression that infringes upon the ability of others to express themselves. The Town encourages all citizens to consider how others view and relate to the community and to remember that we are all neighbours. We focus on issues not people.

    Community Connector

    During the Community Connector event in April, 2021, Council shared their vision for a connected, involved community:



    Change has been the one constant in our community for more than 10 years. The anxiety and concern residents have felt about how quickly the town has been growing, and the rapidity of that change, has been intensified with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    There has been a growing trend to channel this passion into angry and negative public dialogue where Town of Okotoks staff and elected officials are being routinely exposed to unacceptable behaviour. This also extends to the dialogue between residents where there is a lack of respect for differing opinions. 

    Progressively, people are closing their hearts and minds to critical thinking and the embrace of cultural differences.

    Rebuilding civil discourse is essential to a strong community.  Civility means being a good citizen. Civility and good manners are about how we treat one another in everyday life. And how we treat one another determines the strength of our society. If we cannot be civil, our quality of life deteriorates, our communities begin to fray and democracy is weakened. A strong community is one where all opinions, thoughts and feelings are appreciated and allowed to be heard. 

    Vision and Expectations