Pollinator Week Bioblitz


This week we are encouraging you to take part in our week long pollinator bioblitz!

We have over 300 native pollinator species here in Alberta, from bees, to butterflies, to hummingbirds! Join our Pollinator Week Bio Blitz on iNaturalist to help us discover all the species we have right here in Okotoks! Get outside, photograph the pollinators you find, and share them on the app!

Finding out about the diversity of pollinators in the area can help us better understand which species are thriving and which need some help, and the bioblitz helps Okotokians get involved in a fun way!

How to participate in the pollinator bioblitz:

Step 1

Find a pollinator. Pollinators found in Okotoks include: bumble bees and other native/non-native bees, beetles, butterflies, flies, hummingbirds, moths, wasps.

Step 2photo icon Take a photo of the pollinator.
Step 3

Download iNaturalist to your phone and submit Observations. Watch the video tutorial below for easy instructions on how to join the Okotoks Bioblitz!


Google Play

Check out the video below for instructions on using iNaturalist!

Step 4

Join the Okotoks Pollinator Bioblitz on iNaturalist:

Pollinator Bioblitz

For resources on how to create a more pollinator-friendly habitat in your own yard, check out the Bee City page.

iNaturalist Video Tutorial - how to join the Okotoks Bio Blitz

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Community, Sustainablility, Town of Okotoks
Environment & Sustainability
This event is all week long and takes place on the iNaturalist app. Please submit your photos to the app to participate in mapping our local biodiversity.