Nitsitapiisksakoo: Nitsitapii Landscapes Part 2


Since time immemorial, the people of the Blackfoot Nations have called southern
Alberta home. Their traditional territory stretches north to the North Saskatchewan
River, south to the Yellowstone River, west to the Rocky Mountains, and east to the
Cypress Hills. The Blackfoot believe strongly in learning from the land. This exhibit is
the second of a trilogy of exhibits that highlight the special sites in Blackfoot Territory.
The 10 sites featured in Part 2 include Ohkohtoki (Okotoks Erratic), Soyioh’powah’ko
(Blackfoot Crossing), Napi ootsisti’ kowanhpi (Napi’s Playground) and Kipitakiipis’kun/
Akiipis’kun (Old Women’s/Women’s Buffalo Jump), among others.

This travelling exhibit is curated by Ninna Piiksii (Mike Bruised Head), Itsinohtss
Piyaki (Rebecca Many Grey Horses) and Akaiksims’staki (Bobbie Fox). It was created
by Galt Museum & Archives, Lethbridge.

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Indigenous, Museum
Last Updated: September 22, 2023