Okotoks Town Council, acting as the Emergency Advisory Committee (EAC), voted in favour of the motion to uphold the Town’s implementation of the Province’s REP at the special EAC meeting (view here). The REP is implemented in the Okotoks…

Jurassic Okotoks


Welcome to Jurassic Okotoks!
This event was created to search for the dinosaurs in the wild, while enjoying the fresh air and the Okotoks River Valley!

Please don't touch or take any of the dinosaurs- they are meant to stay put.

Feel free to take photos and share

Draw/sketch...get creative and enjoy the outdoors!

How many Dinos do you see?

*Reminder to please stay safe and follow public health measures*

**Please be respectful of the River Valley and Town of Okotoks' Pathway system.

Going on a Dino Hunt...I'm not afraid!

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Stephanie Rees
Along the pathway, North side of the river and East of the library bridge (where the trees start, yellow gate) head towards the school bus depot. Signs are posted.