Critters of the Watershed - Environment Week


The Sheep River is home to fish, bugs, beavers, and birds, while many other creatures depend on it for food and water. Did you know that many of the bugs you see flying around start out their lives underwater in streams and ponds? 

Join us for a fun critter dip, run by Alexandria Farmer, a Biology professor from Mount Royal University. We’ll be dipping nets in the river water and sediment to see what kind of bugs we can collect, and to get a closer look at these cool water bugs with magnifying sheets. 

Drop by the picnic shelter at Sheep River Park to participate!

Bike/Scoot to the event!

As part of celebrating Environment Week, we encourage you to bike, scoot, or walk to the event and use your own energy to get here!

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Got unwanted aquatic pets?

Did you know that ‘freeing’ goldfish and other aquatic pets (dead or alive in any body of water can harm out river’s ecosystem (and it’s illegal!). When these invasive species are introduced, they increase competition for resources with native Alberta species, making it harder for the Alberta natives to find food and shelter. Bring unwanted live pets to pet stores or animal shelters.

Check out the Don’t Let it Loose page for more great info!

Toxins like fertilizer, dog feces, and car fluids can make their way into the river, creating an unhealthy home for aquatic species that live there and an unclean place for people to enjoy themselves. You can help make the river a cleaner place by always cleaning up your pet’s poo, limiting the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and disposing of any household hazardous waste at the Okotoks Eco Centre.

Remember, whatever you do in your yard, you are basically doing in the river.

Thanks for being responsible citizens!

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Community, Sustainablility, Town of Okotoks
Conservation Educators
Drop by the Picnic Shelter in Sheep River Park near the Lions Campground (99 Woodhaven Drive)