Bryan Faubert - MaSh-UP X: Where the Big Rock Is

MaSh-UP is a mixed-media installation wherein all the interdisciplinary methods that I utilize in my art practice come together and collide, responding to specific locations. The work is ever-changing as I add, discard, or alter parts. I create an additive progression that references the durational nature of the project that builds its own history and narrative through its inventory.

Each viewer puts the cues together in a manner which resonates with them and in such a way that this experience allows them to touch something timeless, beyond themselves, ethereal and transient. I provide the terrain of possibilities; the viewer decides which will be explored, finding trace experiences, and creating a new understanding through reflection, reflexivity, and contemplation amid the cacophony of organized chaos.

Exhibit type
Visual Arts
Large Gallery
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Art Gallery
Okotoks Art Gallery
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