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Ammolite Alberta | Brie Adkins


The ‘Ammolite Alberta’ series uses a mixed media approach to harness the shimmer and multidimensional colour of ammolite while representing iconic Alberta scenes that may only last this lifetime. The work is heavily focused on the environment and our culture as Albertans. While the flashy shimmer catches the viewer’s eye from afar the underlying tone of the exhibition is that these moments are at risk of not being there for our children.  Our Woodland Caribou for example have been on the threatened species list in Alberta since 1985 with a bleak future of extirpation. It is my hope with this series to gain a viewer’s attention long enough to arouse thoughts on our future.  Purposely connecting the audience to the works and subjects through the light reminds them they play a part in these iconic Albertan scenes too. Otherwise, like ammolite, they will only last this lifetime.

Please note that the Art Gallery is currently closed to visitors. You can view photos of this exhibition on our Facebook page here.

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Visual Arts
Large Gallery
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Art Gallery
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