Sustainable Future Development

What's Next?

As residents we all share ownership over the future of this community. Our commitment to you is to continue to engage our community with ongoing discussions and clear communications about the process and opportunities for input to build a new and exciting plan for the long term future of our community.

Future growth plans will maintain the values and principles that are important to residents, such as maintaining a friendly, safe and connected community. We will continue to protect the pristine Sheep River Valley, and our commitment to Okotoks as a sustainable community that embraces environmental stewardship. Our local business community also needs continued support, to grow businesses as our community grows, and to be able to offer more local services for job creation.

Sustainability will continue to be as important as ever as we move into this new chapter. We will strive to nurture and build on the sustainable practices that are important to future generations. We hope you will join us in renewing and strengthening this commitment to the legacy this community has established. As part of our efforts, we will continue to lobby the Province to consider new legislation that will allow for water conservation methods used in other countries. We will pursue new neighbourhoods that reflect environmental sustainable technologies, and we will always continue to protect the natural environment as we grow.

The Government of Alberta approved the annexation of proximately 1,950 hectares (4,900 acres) of land to the north, west, south and southeast of Okotoks’ current town limits. This 60-year land supply allows our community's future growth to align with the Town's sustainable community vision. The principles that will guide the plan for growth will include prioritizing locations, determining sound growth projections, and ensuring proper infrastructure is in place, as well as retaining a compact, connected and integrated community that builds on our existing major road network.

We will continue to maintain the balanced development of land to the north and south of the river valley to maintain the Sheep River area as the physical and emotional heart of the community. Growth plans will integrate land use and transportation planning that includes provisions for motorized transport and a pathway system to promote healthy transportation and living. And although transit may not become a reality in Okotoks for some time, it needs to be considered when designing the expanded community.

As we move forward in this new chapter, we commit to you that we will continue to work, live and plan in harmony with the environment and our neighbours, and to maintain the community each of us has grown to love.

Learn more about the Town's statutory plans which set out the framework to guide long-range planning and development