Nooks & Crannies Festival

Text reads Nooks and Crannies with recycling signs instead of 'o'

Nooks & Crannies is a festival where artists create temporary site-specific installations in downtown Okotoks. This art festival sees artists repurpose and animate forgotten places with ‘forgotten’ materials, bringing public art to forgotten corners of downtown Okotoks. Individual artists and teams use recycled products to create installations that raise environmental awareness, animate spaces, and entertain audiences.

The 4th annual Nooks & Crannies Festival opens July 16, 2022 with the art installations available for viewing until August 27, 2022. 

Map and Scavenger Hunt

Starting on July 16, visit each art piece in the festival using the map and look carefully on the artist statement display signs to locate a special symbol. Write down each symbol next to their location on the clue sheet. Find all the symbols and return your filled out clue sheet to the Okotoks Art Gallery by August 31st at 5:00pm for a chance to win a prize!

Please note, as of July 19, art installation #5 by Plastic Free YYC was relocated from its original location at Ginger Laurier to the Okotoks Art Gallery. The below map and clue sheet has been updated with these changes. 

Download the map & clue sheet 

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Who Creates the Art?

We have places for all sorts of artists, both individual and teams. 

Participating artists will have the opportunity to collect recyclable materials from the Okotoks Eco Centre in the month prior to installation. Artists will install artworks on July 16; installations must be complete by 2 p.m. on July 16.

Each participating artist will receive $250 at the end of the festival. Bonus prizes will also be awarded in the following categories: Viewers' Choice, Best Use of a Nook or Cranny, and Best Environmental Message.

These temporary public artworks will be installed from July 16 to August 27, 2022, in locations throughout downtown Okotoks.

Nooks and Crannies only accepts submissions from Alberta artists. Only successful applicants will be contacted. 

Artists must ensure:

  • All materials used must be recyclable or repurposed.
  • Artwork must be able to fit, or be adjusted to fit, into any nook or cranny. Staff will assign locations to artists. Examples of possible nooks and crannies.
  • Artists will have the opportunity to collect recyclable materials from the Okotoks Eco Centre, but it's not mandatory. List of possible items available at the Eco Centre
  • Artwork does not pose any risk to the public. Artwork must not fall or blow over (art will require tie-downs and/or weights), must not have sharp edges or be made of anything that can break or shatter. Submissions will be judged on safety and stability. Upon completion, each installation will be inspected by the town to make certain that they meet safety requirements; should an artwork not meet these requirements, the artist is required to make changes to ensure safety and stability. If an installation does have problems throughout the summer, the artist must repair it or it will be removed prematurely.
  • Doorways and walkways are not blocked; installations under stairs must not contain any combustible materials.
  • At the end of the festival, all artists must recycle their artwork on August 28, 2022, between 4 and 5 p.m. Recycling bins will be available on site.
  • If artists choose to keep their creations, artwork must be removed on August 28, 2022 between 4 and 5 p.m.. Transportation and removal are the responsibility of the artist. Artwork must not be removed prior to August 28, 2022.
  • Copyright for artwork remains with the artists. 

Please note: Artwork may be damaged or vandalized throughout the summer. Should this happen, it is the artist’s responsibility to repair the artwork as soon as possible.

All artists and teams will be required to take an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) orientation prior to installation.