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Introduction to Site Licensing


For more information about this program, you can contact Community Growth & Investment by calling 403-938-8052 or through the online contact form

The site license for development is a single approval provided by the Town of Okotoks to a building permit applicant at the start of a residential or non-residential project. The site license provides business licensing on a project basis, for the duration of the project, saving on the costs and time associated with licensing of each individual sub-contractor and trade working on the project separately. The site license has been applied to single- and semi-detached dwellings since 2013, with multi-unit residential developments and non-residential developments and renovations being added in 2021.

Previously, all trades working on a non-residential development were required to purchase their own business license. This process was more costly to projects and risked project delays associated with coordinating and ensuring each trade/sub trade and contractor had a business license. Moving forward, building permit applicants will obtain a single site license to cover all trades/sub trades involved in a non-residential or multi-residential development. This new process aligns with the direction of Community Growth and Investment to make the development process in Okotoks easier. The project, and all of the trades working on it, are covered under the site license even if the work extends across more than one calendar year. Moreover, the change creates a more level playing field with single and semi-detached residential projects, which are already subject to site licensing.

There are cost savings to both the Town and the project. For example, if you had 20 businesses working on one project, and each were located in Foothills County, the individual licenses would amount to 20 x $278 = $5,560 but the site license might be only $800. If the trades/sub trades are required to pay their own business license fees, these fees may be billed back to the Developer when invoicing for work completed.

The difference between individual licenses and site licensing saves the project money and potential delays relating to licensing compliance action. Without a more efficient system, administration costs and enforcement costs to follow up on individual licenses for all trades/sub trades could be reflected in higher business licensing fees in the future.

Why this? Why now?

The introduction of a site license for non-residential development in 2021 represents the Town of Okotoks’ ongoing commitment to reducing barriers to development, and lowering costs to do business in the Town.

Examples of savings opportunities under the site license system

Site License Fees

Site License - Residential:   
Single Detached and Semi-Detached Dwellings - New Construction $250Building Permit
Single Detached and Semi-Detached Dwellings - Home Renovation $250Building Permit
Multi-Unit Residential - New Construction3-8 units$800Building Permit
Multi-Unit Residential - New Construction9-24 units$1600Building Permit
Multi-Unit Residential - New Construction25+ units$2400Building Permit
Multi-Unit Residential – Renovation1-8 units$400Building Permit
Multi-Unit Residential – Renovation9-24 units$800Building Permit
Multi-Unit Residential – Renovation25+ units$1200Building Permit
Site License - Non-Residential:   
Non-Residential - New or Renovation Value<$1M VALUE$800Building Permit
Non-Residential - New or Renovation Value$1M-<$5M VALUE$1600Building Permit
Non-Residential - New or Renovation Value$5M+ VALUE$2400Building Permit