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Utility Rates

2018 Utility Rate Structure (Bi-Monthly Charges)

  • Residential Water Basic: $16.05
  • Residential Water Metered Consumption: $1.55/cubic metres water for the first 23 cubic metres, $1.90/cubic metres for water consumed between 24-68 cubic metres and less than 68 cubic metres, $2.55/cubic metres for water consumed in excess of 68 cubic metres per billing period.
  • Residential Sewer Basic: $16.00
  • Residential Sewer Metered: $2.10/cubic metres of water consumed per billing period.

Water used for irrigation purposes will be exempt from the sewer consumption charge on the condition that a separate water meter that measures only irrigation water must be installed and approved as per the Town’s specifications. (for multi unit only)

Storm Sewer Fixed Rate: $12.00 Mandatory charge

The philosophy is straight forward……the more you use, the more you pay.

For information on Waste Services Fees (i.e. garbage, recycling, organics), please click here.

Residential Irrigation Water – Sewer Exemption

Water consumption averaged over the three winter billing periods (December, February and April) will establish the non-irrigation average consumption.

Water volumes consumed over the non-irrigation average consumption will be exempt from the sewer consumption charge during the three summer billing periods (June, August and October).

The guiding principles for setting utility rates are:

  • To promote wise water use, increase water conservation and reduce non-essential water consumption (e.g. irrigation).
  • Long term stabilization of utility revenues.
  • Pricing based primarily on water consumption. Long term objective is that the rates will be based on 90% consumption and 10% fixed charges.
  • Combined water and sewer rates
    • Sewer production based on water consumption
    • Note: summer sewer consumption based on a household’s average winter water consumption (as outdoor watering does not go to the sanitary sewer system for processing).
Bi-Monthly Pre-Authorized Utilities Payment Form
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