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Long Term Water Supply Decision

On November 25, 2013 Okotoks Town Council decided to pursue the development of a regional water system via Calgary to meet future growth needs. Administration was directed to work closely with the Government of Alberta and the City of Calgary in the next six months to establish agreements that would outline responsibilities of each party, funding and timelines to secure future water.

In September 2013, Okotoks adopted a proposed 60 year annexation plan and began the annexation process. Additional water capacity is required to meet the long term growth plan and research continues to indicate that a regional water pipeline is the best long term solution.

Development of a regional water pipeline is a multiyear process therefore, continuation of short term water capacity solutions is necessary to accommodate growth over 30,000 people. Okotoks population is currently approaching 27,000. The Town has been successful with interim water solutions such as water license transfers and will continue in this regard.

Okotoks is a thriving community providing a high quality of life that attracts both residents and businesses. Our annexation plans and long term water strategies are interlinked. We will build on our past successes and create new options that will provide for several decades of growth .

“Okotoks Town Council looks forward to working with the City of Calgary and the Alberta Government to develop plans that will secure a sustainable long term water source for Okotoks and our neighboring communities,” stated Mayor Bill Robertson.