Yard Waste

To help residents divert organic yard waste from the landfill the Town offers several options for various types of yard waste.

For dealing with extra yard waste, the Town has made changes that are more efficient and at the same time more convenient for residents, especially during spring and fall clean up. Learn more below about:

  1. Larger 240L organic green carts
  2. Extra organics curbside collection for the months of May and October 
Green Organics Carts for Yard Waste

All single-family homes in Okotoks have green carts for organics curbside collection. All  yard, food and pet waste are accepted in the green cart for weekly collection (bi-weekly November to April).  

Larger Organics Carts Now Available

We've now got larger organics (green) carts! If you are regularly filling your green cart, consider increasing the size of the green bin to 240L - to double your capacity it only costs $1.80/month (billing period every 2 months).

To upgrade to a 240L cart, fill out the Garbage, Organics & Recycling online form.

Curbside leaves, grass and branch collection

The program formerly known as Cut ‘n Call has been phased out. Resident use of this program had vastly decreased in 2017 since households now have the added convenience of curbside organics collection.

Just drop your yard waste at the curb beside your cart on collection day! During the months of May and October you can now place additional yard was at the curb beside your green cart for pick up on your regular collection day. 

  • Extra yard waste (grass and leaves) must be place in a proper compostable bag
  • Branches can either be placed in your green cart or can be bundled and placed beside your cart. Individual branches cannot be more than 1m (3') long, and must not exceed 7cm (2.8") in diameter. Branch bundles cannot be more than 14kg (30lbs).
  • Most hardware stores and super markets carry large yard bags (most are paper as these are most cost effective)
Yard Waste Drop-off Area at the Okotoks Eco Centre

For occasional overages, drop off grass clippings and leaves (no branches) at the Eco Centre’s drop off bins.

Please note this drop-off area is for resident use only and is not intended for commercial operators.  Local contractors, please take your building waste to the Regional Landfill located in the MD of Foothills (www.mdfoothills.com ).  The Okotoks yard waste drop-off area is monitored to ensure there is no illegal dumping.  

Access to the Eco Centre and the drop off areas will only be available during normal operating hours. 

Normal hours of operation are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. It is closed Sunday, Monday and statutory holidays.

Try Grasscycling!

Residents are encouraged to grasscycle.  Grasscycling is the natural recycling of grass by leaving clippings on the lawn after mowing. Grass clippings will quickly break down, returning nutrients to the soil and can actually produce a healthier looking lawn.

Seasonal Waste Services Programs
Pumpkin Composting

Please place your Halloween pumpkins into your green organics cart for recycling. If you do not have a green cart, pumpkins can be dropped off at the Eco Centre.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Curbside Pick-up 

The Town collects and chips trees onsite. Watch for signs in your neighbourhood in the early new year. 

Trees with ornaments, wires, plastic or placed in plastic bags, will not be picked up or accepted at the chipping site. 

Alternatively, you can cut your tree up and place it in the green organics cart.

Why compost your yard waste?

When yard waste (leaves, branches and grass clippings) is buried in the landfill, it doesn't turn into soil or compost because there's no oxygen. Instead, it creates nasty stuff like liquid leachate and methane, which contributes to climate change. By composting, this material is kept out of the landfill and given a second life as compost that can be used in gardens, yards and farms.

Sun - Mon: Closed
Tue - Sat: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed stat holidays. Access to the Eco Centre and the drop off areas are only available during normal operating hours.
  • Garbage, Organics and Recycling Inquiries: 403-938-8054 Contact Online
    Okotoks Eco Centre: 403-938-2652