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More than half of the garbage from Okotoks’ homes is made up of food and yard waste.  When organic waste is disposed of in a landfill it emits harmful greenhouse gases (mainly methane) as it decomposes. These greenhouse gases contribute to climate change. Additionally, organic waste is a valuable commodity, as it produces high quality compost that greatly supports plant growth. By dropping off your food waste at the Okotoks Eco Centre, using your household green organics cart or participating in a multi-family or business organics program, you are producing less garbage, reducing greenhouse gases, decreasing dependence on landfills and producing a valuable commodity.

Organics Green Cart Collection Program

All single-family homes in Okotoks have green carts for organics curbside collection. All food, pet and yard waste are accepted in the green cart for weekly collection (bi-weekly November to April).  


Extra Organics Curbside Collection in May & October

During the months of May and October you can place additional yard waste beside your green cart for pick up on your regular collection day!

  • Residents can purchase a 5-pack* of paper bags (from the former Cut ‘n Call program) for just $2.50. Pay at the Operations Building (exact cash required), then pick up at the Eco Centre during regular business hours. Quantities are limited – get yours before they are gone! 
  • Extra yard waste (grass and leaves) must be placed in a proper compostable bag
  • Small branches can either be placed in your green cart or can be bundled and placed beside your cart. Individual branches cannot be more than 1m (3') long, and must not exceed 7cm (2.8") in diameter. Branch bundles cannot be more than 14kg (30lbs).
  • Most hardware stores and super markets carry large yard bags (most are paper as these are most cost effective)
  • For occasional overages, save your yard waste organics (grass, leaves and branches) for next collection day or consider dropping off grass clippings and leaves (no branches) at the Eco Centre’s drop off bins.

Larger Green Carts

The Town has larger green organics carts available! If your household regularly fills its green organics cart or if you have plenty of grass clippings or food waste, consider increasing the size. You can double your capacity for just an additional $1.80 per month ($3.60 per bi-monthly utility bill).

Request a larger green cart

Organics Food Waste Drop Off Program

Self-haul green organics bins are available at the Okotoks Eco Centre for residents who wish to compost their food and soiled paper waste but do not currently have curbside organics collection.

Access to the Eco Centre and the drop off areas are available during normal operating hours. 


What can and cannot go into the green organics bins at the Okotoks Eco Centre:


Sun - Mon: Closed
Tue - Sat: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed stat holidays. Access to the Eco Centre and the drop off areas are only available during normal operating hours.
  • Garbage, Organics and Recycling Inquiries: 403-938-8054 Contact Online
    Okotoks Eco Centre: 403-938-2652