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The New Way To Take Out the Trash

Automated garbage collection is a safer, cleaner and a more efficient way to take out the trash. On your garbage day, set out your cart for collection by 7 am and pull your empty cart back onto your property by no later than 10 pm.

Your garbage/recycling carts will not be collected on statutory holidays. Leave them out and they will be collected the next regular business day. Use our online collection schedule tool to find out your collection day.   


Black Cart How To!

Identify Your Cart

Please make sure that your address has been written on your cart with a permanent marker. This will help both you and the Town identify your cart if it ever goes missing or needs repairs.

Cart Storage & Cleaning 

You are responsible for taking care of your cart and keeping it clean.

Garbage Enclosures

Garbage will not be collected from enclosures. You may still store garbage and/or your garbage cart in enclosures between collection days, however all garbage must be placed within the cart and rolled out for pick-up.

Damaged or Missing Containers

If your cart is damaged or missing, call 403-938-8054.


Carts are the property of the Town of Okotoks and are assigned to residences rather than people. Please do not take your cart with you when you move. If you need a garbage cart at your new residence, call 403-938-8054.

Cart Placement

How you place your garbage cart is important. Carts are collected by mechanical arms that require space to operate, and proper placement minimizes the risk of damage to property.

Please Follow These Steps:

Fill It

Place your garbage in the cart and close the lid. The cart’s lid must be fully closed. If your weekly garbage exceeds the capacity of the cart, consider recycling.  Additionally, you may purchase a yellow official Town excess garbage bag(s) or subscribe to an additional
garbage cart.  There is no extra charge to your household for the new automated garbage cart.  All garbage is required to be bagged before placement into the cart (i.e. grocery or garbage bags.)

Time It

All carts must be placed out for collection no later than 7:00 am on your collection day. Carts placed after 7:00 am will not be collected until your next collection day. Any excess garbage must be place in yellow excess garbage bags which can be purchased at Sobey's, Safeway, the Okotoks Recreation Centre and the Municipal Building. Excess garbage not placed in yellow bags will not be collected.

Please refer to the Collection Schedule for further information.

Park It

Place wheels against the front curb or at least 0.5m (1.6ft) from your back hedge or fence. Park it on flat ground at road or lane level and make sure you are not blocking traffic.

Point it

Point arrows on the lid toward the center of the road or lane.

Space It

If you have a second garbage cart or are using yellow official Town excess garbage bags, place your cart(s) and/or bag(s) at least 1m (3ft) apart. See the Cart Placement Reminders section on the back of this brochure.

Store It

Pull your empty garbage cart(s) back onto your property for storage as soon as possible on your collection day to avoid blocking traffic.

Overfilled Carts

The Waste Services team would like to thank Okotoks residents for their continued efforts with keeping your refuse cart lids shut! Overfilled carts may not be collected and it will be the homeowners responsibility to dispose of the waste. 

When carts are overfilled, items often fall onto the street; this creates a mess and generates complaints about unsightly neighbourhoods. In addition, open lids can attract birds and animals. 

Check out the Managing Your Waste page for information on how to keep your garbage lid shut tight.

Collection Schedule

The Town of Okotoks online collection schedule tool offers a simple way to help you remember your waste collection day.  Using just your address, access your own personalized Collection Schedule.  

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