Positive Tickets

Okotoks Community & Protective Services and the RCMP have teamed up to create a positive ticket campaign for youth who are observed following the law or doing a good deed in our community. 

Anyone who gets a ticket will be given a free McDonald’s treat coupon.  This is an opportunity to build relationships between officers and youth.  The positive ticket campaign will kick off at the River Valley Clean-Up on May 5 and will run through the summer.

Some more details about the program
A community program where youth are “caught” doing good things and rewarded by local law enforcement
members with a positive ticket and a treat coupon, generously donated by Okotoks McDonald’s
 Program is based on the simple philosophy that recognizing good behaviour will inspire and motivate better
 Purpose of the program is also to build relationships of trust with youth in the community:
“It’s not about the ticket – it`s about the relationship. For many youth, the ticket is a trophy – recognition that they
are deserving and valuable members of the community. Many youth lack a caring adult in their life to celebrate
them when they make a great choice – to have affirmation that someone noticed, especially someone in law
enforcement, can have a huge positive impact!”
 Local law enforcement has identified the following concerning youth behaviours or actions: cell phone use while
driving, speeding or unsafe driving, not wearing a helmet when biking, smoking/vaping, substance use,
skateboarding where prohibited, not picking up after pets, disrespectful interactions – among others.
 The Positive Ticket program will strategically target concerning or illegal youth behaviours by “catching” youth
who are doing the right things in Okotoks, making the community a better place!
Why are we doing this initiative?
Principles of the approach have been proven to significantly reduce juvenile issues in the community, lower
juvenile crime costs, boost youth self-esteem and morale and improve community relations with youth.
When does this initiative begin and how long will it continue?
The Okotoks pilot of this initiative will launch on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at Ethel Tucker Park during the Sheep
River Valley Clean-Up event. The initiative will continue through the summer months.
Where can I participate in this initiative?

Youth will be “caught” doing good things and making positive choices within the Town of Okotoks.

Who is leading this initiative?
Partner initiative between Town of Okotoks Community and Protective Services, Okotoks Municipal Enforcement,
Okotoks RCMP and our generous business sponsor, Okotoks McDonald’s.