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Declared Maintenance Routes

A maintenance route is a portion of roadway that is signed, either permanently or temporarily, for the purpose of conducting maintenance activities by or on behalf of the Town, including but not limited to, snow clearing and/or removal, street sweeping, or any
other activity that may by required on such roadway.

What is a parking ban?

A parking ban means a declaration by the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town of Okotoks (CAO),
based on road conditions and/or maintenance requirements, to restrict for a specified period of time,
the parking of vehicles on declared maintenance routes.

Who will be impacted by the routes when declared?

Anyone utilizing a maintenance route for parking. 

How will they be declared and what is the timeline of declaring a route?

  • The amendment would allow for the establishment of maintenance routes along primary and secondary roads. When maintenance is necessary, the amendments would allow the declaration of parking bans along identified routes.
  • Permanent signage will be put up on primary and secondary roads to identify a maintenance route. When maintenance is necessary parking bans will be enforced along those routes.

What road work would require the maintenance route to be declared?

  • Street sweeping - Street sweeping will be declared typically during the months of mid-April to end of June.
  • Snow clearing - During any major snow fall event. Sanding operations will commence within four hours when approximately 4 cm or less has accumulated.
  • Snow clearing will commence within four hours when approximately 4 cm of more has accumulated.

What are the consequences of not removing a vehicle from the route?

If your vehicle has remained parked on the street when a parking ban has been declared, you could immediately face a verbal warning, a violation ticket in the amount of $150, and/or have your vehicle towed.

Where can a resident park when a route is declared?

You will have to find another place for your vehicle when a ban is in place. Alternate parking options
could include parking on another nearby street that doesn’t have any parking restrictions in place at the

How do these routes benefit residents?

The new improvements will create efficiencies for all road maintenance requirements, inclusive of snow
clearing, street sweeping and road construction, resulting in more effective maintenance of town

  • Maintenance routes will aid in consistent enforcement over vehicles indefinitely parked on roads.
  • Permanently declared maintenance routes will help the efficiency the Town’s services provide.

How will I be notified of a declared maintenance route?

The Town of Okotoks uses a variety of channels to let you know when a maintenance route parking ban is
coming into effect, is in effect and when it’s lifted.

  • visit this webpage for updates
  • Follow @TownofOkotoks on Facebook and Twitter
  • Listen to the Eagle 100.9 radio station

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