• Christmas Eve Parade

Christmas Eve Parade

Watch for the Okotoks Emergency Services Christmas Eve Parade coming through the Town of Okotoks on Christmas Eve night! Santa will be taking a break from delivering presents to make an escorted tour of Okotoks again this Christmas Eve.  

Follow the parade online so that you can track Santa throughout the night with real time updates.

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Share your experience on the Town Facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtag #santatracker.  

The parade leaves Fire Station No. 1, 132 Milligan Drive at 5 PM!  

The History of the Christmas Eve Parade

From Santa: "I'm in!"   This was the subject line of an email received by firefighters stationed at Okotoks Fire Station 1. The email announced that he was looking forward to attending the Okotoks Emergency Services Christmas Eve Parade. “Looking forward to seeing Sparky and Safety Bear again! Sincerely, Santa. PS: Bring good music!”

The message was met with sighs of relief, Firefighter Mike Dykman admitted.“This past year has been hard on everyone, but Santa says that's what makes it even more important than ever to be here. We made it through, and so will he!”.  Some time ago, Santa was forced to make an unscheduled pit-stop as he flew over Okotoks. As history tells it, Rudolph mistook the numerous red traffic lights along Southridge Drive for a family reunion, and he veered off the routine flight path to attend.  This diversion, along with a variety of traffic calming devices around town, totally disorientated the other reindeer and forced Santa to the Okotoks Fire Station for directions. Members of the Okotoks Emergency Services including Fire, EMS, RCMP and Municipal Enforcement agreed that this occasion called for something special:  A guided tour through town. “Climb on, Santa,” Firefighter Steve Bailie beamed, gesturing towards a fire truck. “We'll show you around!”

Vehicles from all the emergency services escorted Santa through the streets where residents were quick to welcome him. In fact, he felt so welcome that night he's stopped by for the Christmas Eve Parade every year since.

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