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Reviewing Your Assessment

There is a 60-day period following the mailing date of property assessments to allow property owners a chance to review and ensure the accuracy of their Assessment Notice.  The following are steps a property owner should take when reviewing their assessment notice.

Step 1 - Review property info, reasonableness & equity

The first step a property owner should take in reviewing their notice is to review their property information to make sure the description of the property is accurate.

Consider the following things:

  • Is the assessment a reasonable estimate of market value as of the valuation date? Talk with an Assessor who can estimate the property’s comparative value in the current market.
  • Is the assessment equitable when compared with others in the area?  Comparative values are available on the Town’s assessment roll search tool.
  • Are there any problems that might affect the property’s value?
Step 2 - Contact assessor for discussion

Property owners who believe information about their property is incorrect should contact an assessor. Assessors can be reached by calling 403-995-6313 to make an appointment, fill in this Contact Us online form or by visiting the Municipal Centre in person during regular business hours.

An assessed person may appoint an individual or company to act as a representative or authorized agent to interact regarding certain aspects of the Municipal Government Act.

The Town of Okotoks requires an agent authorization form to be completed annually.  Letters of authorization must be dated and specifically state the current taxation year.

Current agent authorizations must be received prior to submitting any assessment information requests for the current year.  Information requests must be made in writing.

If you have appointed an agent to act on your behalf, the agent authorization form must be completed and included with all assessment complaints.

Step 3 - Still dissatisfied, file a complaint

If, after having discussed their assessment with an assessor, a property owner is still of the opinion that the assessment is incorrect, a written complaint to the Assessment Review Board (under Council Boards, Committees and Task Forces heading) can be filed.

The deadline for filing a complaint with the Assessment Review Board is noted on the assessment notice.  Complainants must demonstrate that the assessment of their property is not correct and preparing for the hearing will take some time and research. Complainants may wish to contact the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board for details about the hearing process and the information required at 403-995-2784.

Any person wishing to dispute their assessment must submit a completed Assessment Review Board Complaint Form.  The complaint form and fee must be received by the Town of Okotoks by the final date to file a complaint shown on the assessment notice. Visit the Assessment Review Board section for more information on this process.