Water Allocation System

Since 2011, availability of capacity to service new development lands in Okotoks has been managed through an allocation system. The Water Allocation System for Planning Approvals Policy (Policy 11-02) sets out the details on the requirements and direction of the allocation process and guides planning approvals.

On August 30, 2017, new Administrative Clarifications on how development capacity is calculated and how the newly annexed lands are treated under the Water Allocation System were established by the Town.

All land use redesignation and subdivision applications for new development (greenfield) areas are subject to Policy 11-02 and the Administrative Clarifications.

Capacity for New Applications

The table below indicates the current state of availability of water capacity for new subdivisions under the Water Allocation System.

Development Capacitym3Acre Feet
Available Common Development Capacity
For Assignment to AREA A Lands¹
Earmarked Capacity2102,319.583.0
Available Common Development Capacity
For Assignment to AREA B Lands³
                 Reserved Development Capacity
Okotoks Air Ranch12,782.910.4
Anthem United66,171.953.6
Tristar Communities13,521.611.0
Burnswest Developments71,056.057.6
¹Denotes the amount of Development Capacity available to lands designated Area 'A' under the Water Allocation System
²Denotes the estimated amount of water needed to service remaining Area 'A' lands and Conditional Area 'A" Lands, which must be considered prior to capacity being available to Area 'B' lands
³Denotes the amount of water available to Area 'B' lands

Please Note: This information is current as of June 29, 2018.  The allocation system and available allocation numbers refer only to greenfield lands that are proposed for development within Okotoks. There is water available for all structures and registered lots, including new houses under construction. 

For questions on the Water Allocation System or verification of the current available capacity, please call (403) 995-2759.

Active Applications and Approvals

The table below shows all current subdivision applications and subdivision approvals that are subject to the Water Allocation System:

Name (File Number)Status
Air Ranch Phase 11 (D11-AR22)Approved
(Expires 20 March 2015)
Drake Landing Phase 10 (D11-DL17)Approved
(Expires 17 April 2015)
Drake Landing Phase 11 (D11-DL18)Approved
(Expires 17 April 2015)
Drake Landing Phase 12 (D11-DL19)Approved
(Expires 17 April 2015)
Cimarron Phase 41 (D11-CI67)Approved
(Expires 19 June 2015)
Southbank Phase 5 (D11-SB13)Approved
(Expires 20 November 2015)