Downtown Urban Design Master Plan Project

O2 Planning & Design Inc. presented the first draft of the Downtown Urban Design Master Plan to Council on October 30. The plan was purposefully designed to provide a bold new direction for the future of downtown, which embraces environmentally-friendly infrastructure, inviting public spaces, active streetscapes, and architectural innovation, while maintaining its historical character.  

Stakeholder feedback identified a number of opportunities and considerations that shaped the plan’s framework, including the need to protect historical buildings while also supporting contemporary design; a summary of the results from the public consultation is now available. 
There will be additional opportunities for public feedback before the final plan is presented to  Council in February 2018 for approval.

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Town of Okotoks

DRAFT Downtown Urban Design Master Plan

The draft plan is now available.  Please click below to review the draft Downtown Urban Design Master Plan and the Summary from the public consultation.

DRAFT Downtown Urban Design Master Plan