Province Approves Okotoks Annexation

The Town of Okotoks is pleased to announce that the Government of Alberta has approved the annexation of approximately 1,950 hectares (4,900 acres) of land to the north, west, south and southeast of Okotoks’ current town limits.

“July 1, 2017, Canada’s 150th birthday, is the date that the annexation becomes effective,” says CAO Elaine Vincent.  “This is a fitting happenstance as we recognize community, collaboration and unity.”

The annexation process was initiated in September 2013 when the Town issued its notice of intent to annex in order to accommodate Okotoks’ long-term growth needs.  In April 2016, the Town and MD of Foothills formally agreed to an annexation area and the application was submitted to the Municipal Government Board.

“This is a unique opportunity for the community of Okotoks as it has gained a 60-year land supply that will see development of services, amenities and housing over the next several decades. Okotoks continues to experience steady growth and the annexation of these lands will allow future growth to align with the Town’s sustainable community vision,” says Vincent.

Over the course of the annexation negotiations, the Town and MD worked together to host open houses and one-on-one engagement sessions to answer the questions and seek feedback from affected landowners.

“I want to sincerely thank the MD of Foothills staff and Council and the Town of Okotoks staff and Council for their ongoing commitment to the process,” says Town of Okotoks Mayor Bill Robertson.  “We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of current and future Okotoks residents.”

Residents in the annexed area will not experience any significant change in lifestyle as current service standards will be maintained. See document below.

Newly Annexed Area Resident's Guide to Okotoks

Annexation Area Map


Annexation Background
First Proposed Annexation Area

The proposed annexation area is shown on the following maps:

Town of Okotoks 60 Year Annexation Map

Concept Map with Corridors

Annexation Area Analysis

The Annexation Area Analysis was commissioned in response to expressions of interest from other land owners wishing to be included in the Town's annexation application.  Whereas Council's current proposed area of annexation was based on a comprehensive strategic land demand and Growth Strategy completed in 2014, additional analysis was required to support a decision to include additional lands to those described in the Notice of Intent to Annex.

Newly Annexed Area Residents Guide to Annexation

A document has been prepared providing annexation background and Town of Okotoks information for those residents who have been newly annexed.  

Newly Annexed Area Residents Guide to Annexation

General Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions document has been development and has been continually updated based on feedback and questions received to date.


The Town will continue to provide opportunities for resident and stakeholder feedback regarding this new plan for the future of our community.

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