Basement/Lower Level Development

The basement/lower level is the portion of a building below the first floor which is either partially or completely below grade.  

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When is a Building Permit Required?
  • Developing or renovating an existing basement
  • Any alterations more extensive than cosmetic upgrades
  • Adding, moving or removing walls
  • Any structural changes
  • New or enlarging basement window(s); note that egress requirements in the Alberta Building Code must be met if the proposed window is located within a bedroom.  Please review the window guidelines.
  • New basement entry (may require a development permit if proposed entry does not meet the Land Use Bylaw requirements).  Contact Planning at 403-995-2760 prior to construction for more information.

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Steps for Developing Your Basement/Lower Level
Step One: Application

Submit your application with the following form and ensure that it is clear, legible and accurate. 

  1. The Interior Accessory Application form (payment is included in form)
  2. A floor plan showing:
    • Proposed and existing room(s) layout
    • Designation of the use and dimension of the proposed room(s)
    • Total square footage being developed
    • Window and door sizes, location of smoke alarms (note: if enlarging windows or adding new windows, a site plan and elevation plan is required)
    • Details of any structural changes being proposed
    • List of contractors (if not homeowner)

You will receive an email once your permit is approved.   An inspection will be required once the framing and electrical rough-in, plumbing and gas rough-ins are complete, prior to insulation or drywall being hung.  Complete the Request for Inspection form for each inspection.

Step Two: Request an Inspection

To learn more and to book your inspection, please click below.

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