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Approved budget focuses on quality of place

The 2019 budget, approved at the December 10 Council meeting, focuses on investing in quality of place to create inclusivity and diversity in the town.

“The budget represents multiple-year planning and efficiencies that will advance Council’s strategic vision while maintaining service levels and enhancing our citizens’ quality of place,” said Mayor Bill Robertson. “This budget is part of a solid foundation to support citizens and families in a recovering economy and to provide certainty to business and industry to create prosperity and jobs.”

Local transit, supporting affordable housing and upgrading the wastewater treatment plant are significant projects for 2019 that reflect priorities identified through community input from many public participation activities.

“Council voted for a 2 percent tax increase. The original recommendation was for administration to budget for a 3 per cent tax increase and they were able to propose a 2.5 per cent tax increase to the Finance and Audit Committee,” said Ed Sands, chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. “Council actually reduced that even further to 2 percent, which is a 33 per cent reduction from the original recommendation."

  • The approved budget includes $58.9 million for operations and $28.6 million for capital expenditures, including $20.8 for 2019 capital projects and $7.8 in multi-year projects.
  • The budget will raise an additional $2.2 million in revenue to support services and sustainability while also preparing Okotoks for future growth.
  • For the average residential homeowner with an assessed value of $450,000 the overall effect is projected to be $45 per year or $3.75 per month. 

This short video illustrates how the Town develops the municipal budget each year:


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2019 Capital and Operating Budgets 2020-2028 Capital Financial Plan Q&A

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2019 Budget Summary

Click below to see the summary of the 2019 budget:

2019 Budget Summary


2018 Budget Summary




2019 Budget PowerPoint Presentation

Click below to view the 2019 Budget PowerPoint Presentation

2018 BUDGET PRESENTATION - Coming soon!

Click below to view the 2018 Budget PowerPoint Presentation

2018 Budget Presentation

Financial Indicator Graph Highlights & Graphs

Financial Indicator Graphs show that Okotoks continues to be fiscally responsible

Okotoks continues to be fiscally responsible with lower than median taxes and expenditures, while maintaining high levels of service and quality of life for its residents, according to the 2017 Financial Indicator Graphs prepared by Alberta Municipal Affairs.

The financial indicator graphs are intended to serve as a tool that may assist council and administration with operational decisions. The comparative measures may be useful in assessing past performance and for budget planning. Each municipality is compared to a group of similar size urban municipalities, or to rural municipalities with similar tax base. The comparison group is shown on the last slide.
Custom graphs can be created comparing your municipality to other Alberta municipalities.
Financial Advisory Services is available to assist you in interpreting the information contained in the graphs. Please be aware that advisors will not have access to any of the custom graphs you create, but would still be able to assist with the underlying formulas and data used to create all graphs.
It should be noted that that the financial indicator graphs are point-in-time documents. The system is updated daily as new information is added to the municipal financial database. As such graphs will reflect the current data set and the results will be subject to change as the database is updated and verified. However, most information from the previous reporting year will have been posted by the fall of the subsequent year.
Other points to note are:
  • The range for most of the graphs is 2012 to 2017.
  • Caution should be used when interpreting results as each municipality has unique characteristics affecting how it compares to the group. Also, circumstances may have changed since the December 31, 2017 reporting date.


The 2016 Financial Indicator Graphs are also available for review:
2019 Budget News Release
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