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What is Biodiversity?
Biodiversity refers to the variety of species that live in a particular habitat.  It includes all living things on Earth and how they interact. In Okotoks, we are lucky to live within a habitat with resources that allow many species to survive and thrive. In return, these species provide important services to humans. These include providing us with clean air, water purification, climate regulation, pollination, and much more! It is important to understand and protect the biodiversity in Okotoks for personal enjoyment, but also for the essential services it provides to us. 

Scroll down to learn more about wildlife monitoring, joining a NatureLynx mission and fruit collection areas in Okotoks!

Wildlife Monitoring
Helping Us to Understand the Wildlife in Okotoks!

Have you ever wondered what kind of wildlife live in our town, and how they use our open space? Well, we certainly have!  In order to help us understand what kind of wildlife we have in our town, and how they use our open space, the Town has installed a number of wildlife monitoring cameras and autonomous sound recording units.  Only wildlife photos will be retained and shared.  

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The equipment is positioned so it doesn’t capture images from two-footed creatures, the general public. The information gathered with these devices will help us plan our parks and open spaces for more than just the human users and help the Town achieve a number of the goals outlined in our Environmental Master Plan (see plan under Related Links at top of page).

Check back here at the end of the summer to discover what we’ve found!

The camera project is being done in partnership with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI). The data we collect in Okotoks will also help contribute to the institute’s on-going biodiversity monitoring work.  To learn more about ABMI click the button below:


And, remember, if you see an interesting plant or wild animal you can upload your images using the ABMI’s app, NatureLynx.  For info, click the button below:



NatureLynx is about fun, about getting involved in the scientific process, and about helping to improve our collective understanding of Alberta’s amazing biodiversity.  It is a citizen science app created and supported by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) with the goal of fostering an Alberta biodiversity network.  ​Click on the logo below to find out more about what NatureLynx is and how it works.

How to Use the App

Submit your sightings! Use the app to take a photo of an Alberta species*, or select a photo from your phone's photo gallery.  Choose the appropriate species group; if known, provide a species name or mark it as unknown.  The date, time and location will autofill.  Provide any relevant field notes (optional) and then submit to share your sighting with the NatureLynx community! 

 Explore the newsfeed to see the latest sightings of Alberta's biodiversity submitted to NatureLynx.  

Learn how to identify common Alberta species by browsing our species profiles. 

And more: edit your profile, join more groups and missions, and follow other naturalists and NatureLynx users!

*NatureLynx is a way to collect and share data on all of Alberta's species (birds, mammals, plants, insects, etc.) but it's not intended for collecting data/images on domestic species (garden plants, domestic animals).

How to Join Our Mission

Once you've downloaded the NatureLynx app, browse the groups until you find Town of Okotoks.  Then, feel free to start taking photos and adding your sightings!  Have fun!


Take Part in the Okotoks Missions for a chance to win!
Fruiting Trees Mission - PENDING

Attention ALL berry lovers! Our final Bioblitz of the summer series is here. From August 12 – August 19 the Town of Okotoks needs YOUR help taking pictures of as many fruiting trees and shrubs as possible. The purpose of this mission is to collect data about what different berry bushes are located in Okotoks and encourage residents to pick some fresh fruit. PLUS, we are going to give you a hint this time: Okotoks has a fruit collection map! Click the link under data instructions to check it out. ALL pictures posted between August 12 – August 19 will be entered to win our third gift card! Happy photo taking, and enjoy those fresh berries!


Bird Mission - OPEN

Birds are such beautiful, majestic creatures and we want to share our love for them by inviting users to share pictures of birds starting August 1. The Town of Okotoks needs YOUR help collecting valuable information about the birds that live in the area at this time of the year, and the habitat they occupy. ALL pictures posted to the mission from August 1 – August 7 will be entered to win a local coffee gift card! Happy photo taking! We look forward to seeing the amazing pictures you capture.

Join the mission

Native Wildflower Mission - OPEN

Do you ever wonder what native wildflowers exist in your community? We do too! The Town of Okotoks needs YOUR help taking pictures of all the native wildflowers you can find in your area from July 24 - July 31. The Town is collecting this information to gain a better understanding of the native biodiversity that exists in the area as well as the flowering times of these species. Thank you for your participation and happy photo taking! Pictures posted to the mission between July 24 and 31 will be entered into a prize draw for a gift card.

If you see a flower after July 31, do not worry! We will keep the Mission open so that we can continue to monitor flowers in town throughout the growing season.


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