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  • Do you want to know if your yard is getting the amount of water it needs? Book a lawn and yard water assessment!
  • Or do you think you have sneaky energy wasters running up your utility bills? Book a home energy assessment!

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Water: Lawn and Yard assessments

During the lawn and yard water assessment, a Town Conservation Educator will help you program your irrigation system properly and assess your lawn watering needs through a landscape analysis. Educators will conduct a simple watering test in your yard to help you understand exactly how much water your lawn needs on average each week, based on your watering method.

The assessment will also:

  •  help you program your system to adhere to the outdoor watering schedule,
  • assess your soil depth and quality,
  • provide advice on turf watering needs, and
  • assess sprinkler direction to help prevent wasting water on your sidewalk 

Save water and money - book a lawn and yard assessment today! Each household will receive a FREE water measurement Frisbee!

Bookings are open starting June 1 for residential and commercial utility customers, with assessments beginning in early June.

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Home Energy Assessments

Starting June 1, 2019, energy assessments will be available to residents of Okotoks.

During the new home energy assessment, conservation educators will help you learn how to save energy in your home and set energy-saving goals. They’ll help you find and fix common energy wasters, and they will also use a thermal energy camera to help identify potential areas of heat loss!

What happen during an energy assessment? A conservation educator will:

  • measure fridge and freezer temperatures,
  • check thermostat settings and assist with programming
  • find possible heating/cooling leaks,
  • check and use optimal settings for your home's water faucet flow rates, and hot water temperature settings,
  • check for water leaks with a drip calculator (which can have an impact on energy consumption), 
  • perform a comprehensive analysis of your utility bills (power and gas) to help you understand what you are paying for
  • use a thermal camera to show areas where heat loss or heat build up are occurring (i.e. around doors, around window, in attics – ceiling). Identify hot spots, which may indicate a need to add more insulation.
  • use an electricity monitor to identify phantom power users and calculate phantom power use over the course of the year. (examples may include coffee makers with clocks, toaster with lights, phone charger, amplifier, electric toothbrushes/grooming etc.)
  • review the Water Meter Portal, how it can help homeowners monitor for leaks and sign up

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Want to chat about solar PV energy systems?

The educator can also answer any questions you have and  talk to you about potential rebates offered by the provincial government that are available to help make changes.

Note: This assessment is designed to educate about energy use in one's home and does not replace the services of a professional energy auditor. If you have concerns about energy loss in your home, consult the NRCan website regarding professional home energy efficiency evaluations.

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