• Parks Tree Maintenance

Tree Care in Spring


  • All trees could all benefit from an extra drink of water now – it’s hard work budding all those leaves.
  • Generally, newly planted and/or young trees, under five years old, require more frequent watering. During extended periods of dry conditions all trees benefit from some extra watering. 

Watering tips:

  • Before watering, check the soil moisture. Using your hands, check to see if the ground is moist in the top 25cm (10 inches).
  • Ensure the flow coming from your garden hose is a slow trickle to allow the soil enough time to absorb water. 
  • Always water the root ball  out to the dripline of establishing trees. Feeder tree roots on mature established trees are found away from the trunk at the drip line, which is the spot where adsorbing roots generally are. Tree roots  are usually in the top meter of soil and can extend  laterally 2 – 3 times the height of the tree in favourable conditions.  
  • Only apply enough water to moisten the soil to a depth of 10 inches or more for mature trees, approximately 30 minutes at various locations around the drip line at a slow trickle. 
  • Avoid over-watering. A good indication of over-watering is if you squeeze a ball of soil and water runs out it may be too wet.  


Try adding some mulch around your tree, about 3-4 inches but don’t bury the trunk because this can cause decay.  Mulching helps trees retain water, moderates soil temperature and reduces grass and weeds from growing around tree trunks. If you have questions or concerns about a Town-owned tree please contact parks@okotoks.ca.