Fruit Collection Areas in Okotoks

Check out what the Okotoks Food Forest has to offer!  Many of our public parks and natural areas contain edible fruit.  To find out where, have a look at the fruit collection map by clicking the button below.

  • Saskatoon: small to medium sized shrubs; dark bluish purple fruit; good fresh and in jam; jellies; pies or crisps.
  • Western and Schubert Chokecherry: medium to large sized shrubs, dark purple to black fruit, good for jellies, syrup, juice.
  • Dolgo crabapple: green leaves; rosy red fruit about 2.5 cm across; fruit ripens about mid-august; good for jelly; syrup and ciders.                    
  • Currant: medium sized shrub; red to red-orange and black fruit; good fresh and in jam and jellies.



  1. The general public is authorized to collect fruit for personal use only from public trees for the list of locations below. Other locations, such as along roadsides or on medians, fruit picking is prohibited for safety reasons.
  2. The Town does not spray pesticides on these trees and shrubs.
  3. Please be certain that any fruit that is picked is properly identified. There is Tatarian honeysuckle in the river valley that is not edible. It has grey shaggy bark and the berries are bright red to orange.
Saskatoon berry bush