Aquatics & Community Programs

Updated: September 2, 2020

The Aquatics Centre is open! 

Changes have been made at the Recreation Centre to protect its users and adhere to Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines.


Step-by-step Aquatics access procedure

  1. Before leaving home take the Alberta COVID screening , make sure you have a mask and put on your bathing suit.
  2. Enter ORC with a mask on no more than five minutes before your booked activity
  3. Check in at client services for your booked activity
  4.  Enter the Aquatics Centre through the viewing area.
  5. Pick up a blue tote (diverse, handicap population can carry bin to change room A if needed)
  6. At viewing area table place outdoor footwear, clothing and other belongings in tote.
  7. Take the tote to a table near your swim location, remove mask and leave safely in the bin
  8. Shower using one on the deck.
  9. Enter the pool for your booked activity and enjoy
  10. Before your booked time is up exit the pool and shower on the deck
  11. Dry hands, head and face to put mask on.

Two options from this point

Option A

  1. Take Tote to open change room
    1. Change room A is always open and has 6 private inclusive changing spaces
    2. Change room B and C will be opened on a rotational basis to check for which one is open. Each will have semi-private spaces for drying off and putting on cloths.
  2. Enter a changing space and quickly dry off as much as possible then put on clothes over bathing suit.
  3. Carry tote and footwear out of change room.
  4. Outside in lobby use provided benches to put on footwear
  5. At tote drop off station use provided gloves and disinfection wipes to clean tote
  6. Place clean tote under table and exit facility

Option B (preferred for reduced touch points)

  1. Take tote to viewing area.
  2. Dry off quickly and put on clothes and footwear.
  3. At tote drop off station use provided gloves and disinfection wipes to clean tote.
  4. Place clean tote under table and exit facility.
  5. Exit through side doors of Aquatics Centre.



The Okotoks Recreation Centre is going virtual! We are pleased to inform you that we will be offering various fitness classes online. We are reaching out as you were previously registered in one of our programs with the Town of Okotoks.

All information regarding fitness class offerings may be found on the Okotoks Recreation Centre Facebook page or on the Community Events Calendar We look forward to having you all join on us on our virtual fitness adventure.


The Community Programs and Events team and the Aquatics team at the Town of Okotoks strive to bring the highest quality programs, activities and services to every community member. Whether you're interested in being physically, creatively, spiritually or  socially active, you'll find unlimited opportunity through our variety of programs. Choose from a wide selection of activities including swimming lessons, personal development programs, art programs, fitness, health and wellness, as well as many areas of sports and recreation.

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Okotoks Recreation Centre
Facilities will begin re-opening July 6

Aquatics Lessons

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We offer private, semi-private and group aquatics programs and lessons for all ages. view page


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A wide range of education, recreation, creative, cultural and leisure learning programs for all demographic groups. view page

Aquatics Centre

Okotoks Recreation Centre Aquatic Swindells Pool swimming swim
Offering a 4-lane leisure pool with tot area, a 6-lane lap pool, hot tub, dry sauna and more. view page
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Facilities will begin re-opening July 6