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Corporate Business Plan

The 2014-2017 Business Plan provides a comprehensive approach to the community’s current and anticipated challenges and opportunities over the next three years.  The Business Plan directs the priority activities and services of the Corporation and continues to guide our community towards a promising future as a great place to live and work.

The Town of Okotoks has operated under the direction of Council approved Business Plans for the past 12 years.  The plans are based on Council’s priorities reflecting input of our residents and businesses through community surveys, public feedback during the election process and other means.

A strong economic environment is fueling unprecedented growth; hence the need to provide infrastructure enhancements to continue to meet community needs; the need to facilitate economic development with commercial and light industrial diversification to create local employment opportunities; our continued commitment to demonstrating environmental responsibility; the continued provision of a safe and healthy community; an emphasis on sound fiscal management; promotion of good governance and organizational excellence.  Contained within these strategic directions are Key Result Areas that provide detailed objectives and direction.