Construction Projects & Notifications

The Town of Okotoks has many new construction and infrastructure projects.  This includes the completion of multi-phased projects started in previous years and the planning of new multi-phased projects that will enhance the Town’s roadways, utilities, buildings, and recreational parks and facilities. We know that construction can impact residents and businesses and we thank you for your patience while we complete this work.  

Current Projects & Notifications

To view the map of current construction projects in Okotoks, please click the button below.

Construction Projects

Milligan Drive Construction
Project Details

Please be advised that Shaw will be installing shallow utilities and new service boxes on Milligan Drive (from Northridge Drive to Okotoks Drive) starting approximately, Wednesday July 24.  The work is expected from 7am-7pm for approximately one week, weather permitting.  Please expect sidewalk disruptions (from Veterans Way to Visser Way on the north side of Milligan Drive) and minor traffic delays.  Click button below to see image of work areas.

Please use caution in the area and watch for workers, equipment, and signage.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  

Milligan Drive Construction Areas

TELUS PureFibre Update
Project Update

TELUS contractors are back in Okotoks to finish restoration, landscaping (including hydroseeding {grass restoration} when conditions permit) and connecting the PureFibre network.​  Contractors are working in downtown Okotoks over the next few weeks to connect businesses and buildings that weren't connected in 2018.  Please expect minor traffic disruptions and use caution in the area.  

If you are a business owner interested in connecting to TELUS PureFibre, please call: 1-877-352-0892.

TELUS is responsible for all remediation on this project and are required to restore areas disturbed by their work.  Residents and business owners/operators are encouraged to contact the AFL Customer Care hotline (1-844-343-1222) for any issues or concerns they may have resulting from the 2018/2019 work.  

For more information on this project, please visit 

Banister Drive Construction
Project Details

Please be advised that Shaw is scheduled to undertake shallow utilities construction on Banister Drive beginning May 3; the work is expected to take approximately one month, weather permitting.  Click button below to see image.

The construction will affect the south/west side of the road between Banister Gate and Crystal Shores Road and portions of the south/west sidewalk will be closed. Note that east access into the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Banister Gate will be unavailable during this work.  

Please expect traffic disruptions and watch for workers, equipment and signage; use caution while in the area.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Banister Drive Work Area

Construction Updates

No updates at this time.

Upcoming Sidewalk Replacement on Daggett Street
Project Details

Please be advised that partial sections the sidewalk on Daggett Street are being replaced in the coming weeks (exact dates will be posted as soon as available).  Please see image below (cyan indicated westbound lane impacts and red indicates sidewalk replacement area). Traffic, parking and pedestrians will be impacted. 

The area remains open for business - business access and parking will be preserved.   Businesses are encouraged to contact BRT Construction for questions and concerns regarding access: 1-403-247-6283 or

The road will remain open but please expect continuous disruption of traffic; drivers are encouraged avoid the area and pedestrians are encouraged to find alternate routes. Note that on-street parking at the east of Daggett Street may be limited.

Please use caution in the area, follow signage and direction from crews.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  

Zone 3N/4N Reservoir Upgrade Construction
Project Details

The intent of this project is to conduct lifecycle replacement of the Zone 3N Reservoir equipment, and to add additional equipment to service the Wedderburn/D’Arcy lands and future development areas in the north. As part of the project, aging electrical pumps and controls will be replaced, the existing pump house building will be expanded and new pumps will be installed.

Construction equipment will be mobilized to the project area shown below starting on October 29 in preparation for construction to commence on November 1. The project is anticipated to be completed in the summer/fall of 2019.

Use of the tennis courts will be accommodated whenever possible via a gate on the northwest of the court. Some interruptions may be required during certain phases of construction.  The courts are open now.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this work. Please watch for and obey construction signage and use caution in the area. 

May 2018

This project is to complete a detailed design to upgrade the Zone 3N Reservoir in order service the Wedderburn, North D'Arcy and future north lands; to accept water and control water from a future regional potable water pipeline and replace aging electrical pumps and controls.  The project scope also includes expansion of the existing pump house building; installation of Zone 4N pumps; replacement of Zone 3N pumps and installation of transfer pumps to allow for transfer to Zone 2 reservoir.

This project is required to allow for development of Wedderburn and D'Arcy north of Bannister Gate, by providing water to a new pressure zone. It will also allow water to be received from a regional pipeline and replace assets that are due for life cycle replacement. Updated controls and pumps will also result in energy savings.

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Construction Updates

There are no updates at this  time.

Road Closures

There are no road closures at this time.

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