Municipal Heritage Designation Program

The Town of Okotok’s is embarking on a significant project to formally recognize and conserve its heritage and valued historic buildings, parks and cultural landscapes.  The Municipal Heritage Designation Program will provide the “tools needed to identify, protect and celebrate Okotoks’ rich and diversity heritage”, and the implementation steps needed to ensure preservation of its historical buildings and landscapes.

The community’s natural and built environment have rich stories to tell: the geological and biological legacy of its natural setting in the Sheep River Valley; the significant indigenous pre-contact places like the Big Rock and the Old North Trail; the frontier period when the trail became a cart route between mounted police forts, and Okotoks an important stopping place and river crossing; the residential, town infrastructure and industrial growth of the settlement period following the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s south branch with notable businesses like the Lineham Lumber Company; stories in architectural design and craftsmanship from the turn of the century to the post-war era; and many others.

At present, a number of historic buildings have been conserved and celebrated through the adaptive re-use for community and tourist enjoyment such as the Okotoks Museum and Archives, Rotary Performing Arts Centre and Okotoks Art Gallery.  Each of these buildings has a history, a story and a community use that has established a “sense of place” and character for Okotoks, including the three Provincial Registered Historic Resources in the Old Lineham House, Mahon House and Stockton Block (Okotoks Town Hall).  The investment in these historic resources have established, evolved and ultimately, created a unique “sense of place” by contributing to the liveliness and success of the town as it grows. 

Heritage Designation Project
Project Timelines

Phase 1 (January – April 2018)

  • Municipal Heritage Designation Program Preparation

Phase 2 (April – December 2018)

  • Community Context Paper and Municipal Designations

Phase 3 (September 2018 – April 2019)

  • Historic Resources Inventory Evaluations 
Phase 1: Draft Municipal Heritage Designation Program (MHDP) Public Feedback-Take survey here!

Since the project launch and public consultation in January 2018, the consultant team has used the public’s input and technical information to prepare a draft Municipal Heritage Designation Program.  We invite you to review the initial feedback that was received in the attached Phase 1: Public Consultation Feedback Summary.  If you were not able to join us for the Public Open House on Saturday, April 21 then we would appreciate your review of the Public Open House panels and your feedback on the attached survey by Friday, April 27, 2018.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the draft MHDP’s vision, polices, process framework and action plan.