Town Purchases Downtown Property

April 13, 2017


The Town of Okotoks recently purchased property at 8 McRae Street, located adjacent to the Town-owned Stockton Block and a public parking lot, for $685 thousand. 

When the opportunity to purchase the property arose, the Town considered that it might have potential for future development and may have strategic value in the future. 

There are no immediate plans for the property.  Administration will evaluate options for interim uses and present a report to Council in the near future. These options could include the possibility of leasing the premises. 

Long-term use for the site will be determined through a more detailed downtown planning process that will incorporate existing guidelines such as the Economic Development Strategic Plan.

Additional possibilities could also emerge during the development of the Downtown Urban Design Master Plan, in which citizens will be invited to participate in creating the vision for future design.

Those interested in more information about the site can contact Brian Couronne, Facilities Maintenance Manager at 403.995.8056.