Textile recycling added to Eco Centre services

February 2, 2017

Okotoks residents can now take their used and worn clothing to the Town of Okotoks Eco Centre for recycling.  

The Town has partnered with Clothing for a Cause to offer residents additional recycling services at the Eco Centre.  The non-profit organization collects all types of clothing, shoes and household linen, which are sold to international recyclers, who sort and grade it before selling it to micro-enterprises in developing nations.

“Providing an option for worn-out clothing is another important step in reducing the amount of waste in our landfills,” said Paul Lyons, waste services manager. “This is different than regular recycling services as this organization accepts worn-out and stained clothing as well as those in good condition.”

Items in poor condition are taken apart so that small shop owners can re-use zippers, buttons and other parts for new products or to repair existing clothing.

Often other organizations must send donated textiles to landfills when their condition is too poor to allow them to be resold.

The bin will be located inside the centre to eliminate over-filling or adding products that are not accepted.

Funds raised through the donations are used to support Haiti Arise Ministries as well as several local organizations.