Street Cleaning

April 15, 2019

Major street cleaning operations continue week of April 15 (weather permitting). 

  • Street cleaning operations will be in Zone 2 during the week of April 15.
In the spring time, street cleaning is scheduled to facilitate the removal of accumulated gravel left over from the previous winter.
Temporary signs are installed notifying area residents of the scheduled roadway cleaning activities.
When streets are marked with street cleaning signage, cleaning crews do there best to stay on schedule. When residents observe these signs, they are encouraged to remove all vehicles from the roadway to assist street cleaning equipment.
Please ensure there are no obstructions in the gutter in front of your driveway. Any ramps or overhanging objects (basketball hoops) should be removed so the street can be adequately cleaned.
As with any heavy machines, the public are advised to stay back from street cleaning equipment when the equipment is engaged.
Street cleaning equipment can generate a large amount of dust that can make it challenging for both the equipment operators and the public.
The public is reminded to proceed cautiously when in the vicinity of street cleaning equipment.
This year the order of neighbourhoods has been aligned with the waste services collection neighbourhood zones.
Scheduled street cleaning efforts will not effect waste collection days, as the crews make adjustments to work around cart collection.
If an area was missed in your community, contact Operations (403) 938-8952 to let us know so that we can assess and follow up accordingly.

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